Design and Mobility

Thematic Collection of Articles for the Design Science Journal

Deadline for Submissions: 30th April 2017

Mobility, the way people and goods move from place to place, has a
dominant technological presence in our lives. Mobility impacts daily
activities and both local urban and rural environments, and has long-term
global effects. Recent technologies such as vehicle electrification, efficient
energy and materials utilization, connectivity and autonomy are
generating unusual design opportunities. Design decisions will have long –
lasting impact. This thematic collection aims to explore the evolving
relation between design and mobility from multiple perspectives.

Collection Theme Topics

Topics appropriate for this theme include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Design technologies for mobility, vehicle electrification, automated driving, information integration, connectivity, monitoring and sensing, human factors.

• New forms and concepts of mobility, micromobility, lightweight design, modularity, human-machine interface, mobility for the elderly, mobility beyond urbanization.

• Sustainable mobility, reduction of energy use and resources.

• Mobility and society, policy making, regulations, speed of technology adoption, risk management, planned transition, mobility behavior of the new generations of people, stakeholder integration.

• Role of designers and support tools for them to deal with the increased complexity of mobility challenges and possible solutions.

Guest Editors:

Sandro Wartzack, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Thomas Vietor, TU Braunschweig, Germany

Andres Sevtsuk, Harvard University, Boston, USA

Jeff Hartley, General Motors Corporation, Warren, USA

Partial List of Committed Contributors:

Albert Albers (Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology), Kay W. Axhausen and Alex Erath (Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, Zurich), Rainer Stark (Fraunhofer Berlin).

For additional topics and other questions regarding this collection please contact any of the Guest Editors.