Design Research in Industry

Call for a Thematic Collection of Articles for the Design Science Journal

Deadline for Submissions: 31st December 2018

The Design Society is an extremely valuable organization that is orientated towards both Methodological and Process Research for the development of new Systems Generations. The focus of research appears to lie on better understanding how the processes will be implemented and finding suitable explanatory models, which are supported by additional methods and tools. A key research challenge is to validate these design methods and processes. Therefore, simulated studies (e.g. Students) and real-world studies with companies can be differentiated. To overcome real-world problems that are relevant in industry a collaboration between Design Society and industry is necessary. Therefore, the visibility and relevance of the significant design research in industry of the Design Society have to be increased. The thematic collection on “Design Research in Industry” provides an opportunity to publish appropriate contributions.

Collection Theme Topics and Anticipated Papers

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Validation of methods and processes in industry
  • Case Studies
  • Success and failure Stories with co-authors from industry
  • Describing unsolved real-world design problems
  • Position papers e.g. from Design Society Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  • The following authors have committed articles:

    • Working Group: Design Research in Industry: “Editorial“
    • Albers: “MBSE in Modular Design”
    • Isaksson, Prof. Söderberg: „Impact of the Swedish research program“
    • Clarkson: „Engineering better care“
    • Yannou: „How industry model final user“

Guest Editors:

Albert Albers, IPEK – Institut for Product Development,  Karlsruhe Institut for Technology <>

Ola Isaksson, Department of Industrial and Materials Science, Chalmers University of Technology <>

Bernard Yannou, Industrial Engineering Research Department, CentraleSupélec (Ecole Centrale Paris) <>

For additional topics and other questions regarding this collection please contact any of the Guest Editors.