Lightweight Design in Product Development

Call for a Thematic Collection of Articles for the Design Science Journal

Deadline for Submissions: 28 February 2019
Late submission will still be considered for the Collection if time permits. Otherwise, they can appear as regular contributions, if accepted and the authors agree.

Today more than ever, economic growth, prosperity, and mobility need to be balanced with the limited availability of natural resources and energy reserves. In this context, lightweight systems play a central role in the realization of sustainable products and components, minimizing material and energy consumption over the entire design lifecycle. The design space available to engineers is continuously expanded by novel material systems and fabrication technologies entering the market. At the same time, novel multi-disciplinary design tools, methods, and approaches, new data and information technologies are revolutionizing products and the way they are designed and fabricated.

The purpose of this thematic collection is to selectively address and discuss actual topics along the entire value chain from material to design and fabrication, sharing achievements at the leading edge of research and application, and discussing ideas on future trends.

Collection Theme Topics

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Multi-functional lightweight systems

• Modular lightweight design

• Engineering of composites

• Additive manufacturing for lightweight design

• Advanced materials and processes

Guest Editors:

Paolo Ermanni, ETH Zürich, Email:

Sandro Wartzack, FAU Erlangen-Nürnber, Email:

Mirko Meboldt, ETH Zürich, Email:

Dieter Krause, TU Hamburg, Email:

Markus Zogg, Inspire AG, Email:

For additional topics and other questions regarding this collection please contact any of the Guest Editors.